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: Spoiler : Evénements Pré Cataclysm

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Les développeurs l'avaient annoncé, de nombreux événements précurseurs se dérouleraient avant l'extension pour l'introduire. Les fichiers des PTR 3.3.3 sont remplis de données sur deux de ces événements majeurs, voici ce qui vous attend !


Chaque faction aura droit à un événement diffèrent mais ils seront similaires. L'Alliance devra récupérer Gnomeregan et la Hordes les îles de l'Echo.

L'Alliance vivra la reprise de Gnomeregan avec le Mekagénieur Mekkatorque et la Horde la reprise des îles de l'Echo avec Zul'jin, une épreuve de force récompensera la réalisation de ces quêtes, ainsi qu'une "sur-cape" cette nouvelle fonctionnalité permettra de donner un autre visuel à la cape que vous portez.


On peut aussi noter une troisième série de quêtes impliquant le Culte du Crépuscule, les serviteurs des dieux très anciens. Ceux-ci annoncent la fin du monde un peu partout et peut être que pour une fois ils n'ont pas tort !

Alliance - La reprise de Gnomeregan

Quest - A Few Good Gnomes
Objective - Recruit Gnome Citizens from Tinker Town using the Motivate-a-Tron and lead them to Captain Tread Sparknozzle at Steelgrill's Depot.
Our engineers have been working on getting our battle machines ready for our assault on Gnomeregan, but we're out of pilots! We've developed a device called the Motivate-a-Tron, which prevents distraction from other sources and gives the gnome the courage to enlist. After motivating a few Gnome Citizens, lead them out to Captain Tread Sparknozzle out at Steelgrill's Depot, just south of Ironforge. Oh, and be careful. The device is still a little experimental.

Objectif : Vous devez utiliser une machine pour forcer les gnomes à s'enrôler dans l'armée pour aider à reprendre Gnomeregan.

Quest - Basic Orders
Objective - Follow Drill Sergeant Steamcrank's cues and then report back to Captain Tread Sparknozzle.
Hey! You look like you could give us a hand! If you're willing to help our cause, we have to get you through training. Gnome training is brutal and rigorous, so I hope you're ready. Head over to Drill Sergeant Steamcrank and he'll walk you through what you need to know. Make sure you follow his orders when he gives them, or else you'll never make it I'm warning you though, it's tough over there. Come back to see me, if you make it.

Objectif : Suivre l'entraînement militaire gnome.


Quest - Vent Horizon
Objective - Use Pilot Muzzlesprock's flying machine to toss Radiageigatrons at the vents surrounding Gnomeregan.
We thought that we could wait for the radiation to subside around Gnomeregan, but it doesn't appear to be getting better. If we want to take back our city, we need to make sure it's safe for our troops to enter. Take these Radiageigatrons, hop in 'Thunderflash' here, and toss them at the ventilation shafts outside of Gnomeregan. They'll report the radiation levels directly to me.

Objectif : Mesurer le niveau de radiations de Gnomeregan.

Quest - Prepping the Speech
Objective - Use the Gnomish Playback Device in front of Ozzie Togglevolt west of Kharanos, Milli Featherwhistle at Steelgrill Depot and Tog Rustsprocket outside the Kharanos Inn. Return to Toby Zieggear when all the speeches have been given.
High Tinker Mekkatorque asked me to write a speech that he could give before the battle starts, but I can't tell which draft is good and which ones just stink. Could you try some of them out on some of the local gnome residents? This device creates an image of Mekkatorque saying a few lines from each of my speech drafts. Let me know which one works, okay?

Objectif : Tester les différents discours auprès de plusieurs gnomes pour jauger lequel sera le meilleur.

Quest - Words for Delivery
Objective - Give the speech to Captain Tread Sparknozzle at Steelgrill Depot.
Here we go. This is the speech, ! It has everything to be a great battle starter: It's inspirational, has eloquent language and speaks directly to gnomes. Never has a finer speech been written! Turn this in to Captain Tread Sparknozzle and get some transportation to High Tinker Mekkatorque!

Quest - Words for Delivery
Objective - Ride 'Thunderflash' from Steelgrill Depot to High Tinker Mekkatorque and deliver Toby's speech.
All right, soldier. Time to prove your worth! Take the speech and board the flying machine "Thunderflash". It's the fastest ship to High Tinker Mekkatorque and this speech is the only thing he's waiting on before starting Operation: Gnomeregan. Go! Now!

Objectif : Délivrer le discours de Mekkatorque aux gnomes via un avion.

Quest - Operation: Gnomeregan
Objective - [PH]Help King Mekkatorque take back Gnomeregan.
Additional Note - Rewards Gnomeregan Overcloak and Gnomecoming King / Gnomecoming Queen.
[PH] Help Mekkatorque take back Gnomeregan.

Objectif : Mener un assaut général sur Gnomeregan pour aider à sa reprise, l'évènement sera probablement similaire à celui de l'attaque de Fossoyeuse dans la suite de quêtes du portail du courroux.


Alliance - Tests d'un Méchano-Tank

Quest - In and Out
Objective - Test out the ejection system in the Ejector Mechano-Tank.
We've gotta get these new mechano-tanks ready for the assault. You ready to help test these bad boys out?! Of course you are! First, we need to make sure that once you're in, you can get out. In battle, if you think your tank is going to explode, get out! I've seen many a gnome stay in 'til the bitter end... the tank blows up, and them along with it. Well, I've upgraded this tank with an ejection seat. Try it out for me, will ya?

Objectif : Tester le siège éjectable du tank.

Quest - One Step Forward...
Objective - Test the the Scuttling Mechano-Tank's maneuverability.
With the ejection system working, I think we're ready to test out movement. This tank has an extra special feature: Automatic Evasive Maneuvers! I want you to check out the servos on the left leg, the right leg and the Automatic Evasive Maneuver system. This is easy stuff, so it shouldn't take too long.

Objectif : Tester la manoeuvrabilité du tank.

Quest - Press Fire
Objective - Test out the Shooting Mechano-Tank weapon systems on the nearby targets.
Safety systems, online! Motor functions, functioning! Now all we need is to make sure that the guns will fire. This shouldn't be too hard, . The mechano-tank on the hill behind us has been loaded with harmless pellets. Just fire off a couple rounds at the nearby targets and report back to me.

Objectif : Tester les armes du tank.


Horde - Reprendre les îles de l'Echo

Quest - Da Perfect Spies
Objective - Capture 5 Sen'jin Frogs and attune them to Vanira's sight at her Sentry Totem.
Now, it would be foolish to go in blind 'ere, so I be creatin' some tiny spies to gather information for Vol'jin. He got to know what's goin' on over on de islands. I could use da help, if you be feelin' up to it. I tell ya how it's done. First, ya gotta catch de frogs. Dey like to stay in de shade of da palm trees around Sen'jin. Once ya have de frogs, bring 'em over here to my sentry totem an' attune dem to me sight.

Objectif : Capturer 5 grenouilles et les habituer à la présence de Vanira.

Quest - Frogs Away!
Objective - While riding a bat, use the Sack o' Frogs to place 12 attuned frogs on the markers in the Echo Isles.
Wit de frogs ready to go, I be needin' ya to help me send 'em out to the isles. On de eastern side of Sen'jin Village, ya can find Handler Marnlek. He be handlin' all the bats for Vol'jin's scouts and he can loan ya a bat to get ya out to de isles. Take dis sack' o frogs with ya. I been askin' de spirits for guidance. Dey've sent smoke to show ya where I need de eyes most. While ridin' de bat, reach into de sack and toss de frogs toward de white smoke.

Objectif : Monter une chauve-souris et lancer 12 grenouilles sur les marqueurs.

Quest - Lady Of Da Tigers
Objective - While imbued with the Spirit of the Tiger, lure the Tiger Matriarch out of hiding and use your new abilities to best it in combat.
Remember de frogs ya made into me eyes and ears? Well, dey've found somethin' interestin'. On an island to de southeast, dey've spied a tiger even de other cats seem to fear. Dis tiger, I've never seen anythin' like it. It hunts wit' da instincts of a cat, but de mind of a person. It could be a powerful spirit and a strong ally. I'll be callin' down the spirit o' the tiger upon ya. Use its gifts to locate this cat and challenge it. See if ya can win its aid in our battle for the isles.

Objectif : Utiliser l'esprit du tigre pour défier et vaincre la Tigresse Matriarche et en faire une alliée.

Quest - Dance Of De Spirits
Objective - Talk to Witch Doctor Hez'tok near the circle of ritual dancers outside Sen'jin Village when you're ready to consult the omens.
De time has come to start thinkin' about when to make our move. Champion Uru'zin tells me his men be ready. You and Vanira done good work gatherin' information on de enemy and findin' us new allies. Now, we read de omens. We find out when to launch de attack. Find Witch Doctor Hez'tok near the circle of ritual dancers. He be startin' de ritual as soon as ya be ready.

Objectif : Consulter un sorcier docteur pour apprendre quels sont les présages de la bataille à venir.

Quest - Trollin' For Volunteers
Objective - Use Vol'jin's War Drums to recruit 5 Troll Citizens in Razor Hill. You can speak to Handler Marnlek for a bat ride to Razor Hill.
Vol'jin has given me his war drums and put me in charge of trainin' da new recruits here. Only problem is we be short on new recruits. Supposin' I loaned ya dis drum, would ya use it to sound de call to war on Vol'jin's behalf in Razor Hill? If ya could even inspire just a few trolls to join da cause, it would make a difference. Once ya've convinced dem to volunteer, bring dem back to me for trainin'. Go over an' talk to Handler Marnlek to de south. He can lend you a bat for de ride to Razor Hill.

Objectif : Utiliser les tambours de guerre pour recruter 5 citoyens Trolls pour la bataille.

Quest - Preparin' For Battle
Objective - Speak to Handler Marnlek for a flight to the staging area. Meet Vol'jin on the island east of the war camp.
Vol'jin be gatherin' his gear and readyin' de warriors. He ask me to tell ya to meet with him an' Vanira on de island to de east. From dere, he and de warriors will launch de attack on Zalazane. May de ancestors go wit' you, . Without ya, dis campaign would only be a shadow of what it become. Speak to Handler Marnlek, just to de south, an' he give you a bat to fly out to de stagin' area.

Objectif : Rencontrer Vol'jin pour les derniers préparatifs avant la bataille.

Quest - Zalazane's Fall
Objective - Help Vol'jin take back the Echo Isles and kill Zalazane.
Additional Notes - Rewards a Darkspear Overcloak and most likely an achievement, just like the gnome version.
De time for battle is now! We'd be headin' ova to da islands soon, so you'd betta be ready. Zalazane doesn't have much time left.

Objectif : Gagner la bataille et tuer Zalazane. (Comme pour Gnomeregan et Fossoyeuse vous allez sûrement mener une grande bataille aux côtés du chef de faction avec un buff vous rendant quasiment invincible.)


Culte du Crépuscule - Quêtes Horde et Alliance

Quest - Prophecies of Doom / Prophecies of Doom
Objective - Listen to a speech given by a Doomsayer in the Drag and obtain copies of the pamphlets "Elemental Fire for the Soul", "What Does 'The End of All Things' Mean for Me?", and "Finding Security and Comfort in a Doomed World".
Harbingers of doom are nothing new on the streets of Orgrimmar, but I'm worried about this latest batch. These people are organized and they've attracted a lot of attention in the Drag, where they seem to congregate. I've thought about rounding them up or otherwise disrupting their activities, but that will just drive them underground. We need to find out more about them. Would you go to the Drag, listen to what these doomsayers are spreading, and gather any literature you can find about their ideas?

Objectif : Ecoutez un discours de fin du monde et rassemblez les phamlets sur la catastrophe.

Quest - Signs of the Times / Signs of the Times
Objective - Setup 5 Warning Posters around the Valley of Strength, the Drag, or the Valley of Honor.
We've got to do something to reduce interest in this doomsday cult, but I'm hesitant to take much action until we know more about who is behind this group. I've had my men place markers around heavily traveled areas in Orgrimmar. Take these posters and set them up where you see the markers. They won't discourage the most determined of seekers, but it's a first step in exposing this cult. The Horde has enough to deal with as it is, without people wilfully spreading lies too.

Objectif : Placer des affiches d'avertissement en ville.

Quest - Infiltrating the Cult / Infiltrating the Cult
Objective - Speak to a Doomsayer Orgrimmar's Drag to join the cult, then put on your Recruit's Robe.
The streets of Orgrimmar are wild with rumors about the cult's origins and practices. There's only one way to know the truth about this group, . You're going to join them. Approach one of the Doomsayers in the Drag and tell them you wish to join their group. With any luck, they will give you instructions to introduce yourself to one of the group's leaders and tell you where the group is hiding. Don any clothing given to you by the doomsayer; you'll need it to gain entry to the group's hideout.

Objectif : Se faire recruter pour infiltrer le culte.

Quest - Spreading the Word / Spreading the Word
Objective - While wearing your Doomsday Message, visit the East Zeppelin Tower, the West Zeppelin Tower, and the town square of Razor Hill.
Welcome to the farm, . Everyone here works to earn keep. For some, that means caring for the animals. Others are responsible for working on our construction projects. Still others work to spread our message among the people and I think that's a good place for you to start. Take this board. It bears a short message about our beliefs. While wearing the board, visit the eastern and western zeppelin towers outside Orgrimmar's gates, as well as the town square of Razor Hill, to the south.

Objectif : Faire de la propagande pour le culte.

Quest - The Master's Plan / The Master's Plan
Objective - Learn more about the cult's plans at the altar in the eastern part of the Jaggedswine Farm.
You're fitting in well here, , but there is more to us than daily chores and spreading the message. I'm sure you heard a little bit about it when you first joined. As you know, this world is ending and the unprepared will die painful deaths. We have been given a gift, an opportunity to become something greater and more powerful. Overseer Golbaz is will be preparing a ritual before the altar at the eastern end of the farm. Wait there for him, and learn more of your new brothers and sisters.

Objectif : Apprendre quels sont les plans du chef du culte.

Quest - The Doomsday Plan / The Doomsday Plan
Objective - Take the Elemental Devices to Blood Guard Torek in Orgrimmar's Valley of Strength.
The first batch of elemental devices are ready. Your task will be to conceal them inside the city of Orgrimmar. The devices will unleash their fire elementals at the proper time. Don't worry, , you'll be safely away before that happens. Do not do anything that would draw attention to yourself.

Objectif : Ramener les bombes élémentaires au Garde de Sang Torek.

Quest - Thwarting Twilight's Hammer / Thwarting Twilight's Hammer
Objective - Break Elemental Devices to release their elementals. You must defeat 5 Raging Fire Elementals.
You can't have been the only person sent into Orgrimmar to deploy those devices containing fire elementals. We have to find and disable the rest of the devices before set their captive elementals free and burn down the city. Are you familiar enough with the devices to destroy them? You need to break them open before the fire elementals inside have had time to reach full strength. They should be easy to defeat if you open the devices early. The cultists have probably put them all over the city.

Objectif : Trouver les bombes et tuer les élémentaires de feu qu'elles contiennent.

Quest - Warn King Wrynn / Warn the Warchief
Objective - Speak with Thrall at Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar's Valley of Wisdom.
You have successfully defended Orgrimmar from the threat posed by this Twilight's Hammer cult, , and without shedding the blood of our own people. Our enemy will not rest for long. I cannot imagine that Cho'Gall will accept defeat so easily. You must

Objectif : Parler avec le Roi de Hurlevent ou Thrall pour mettre fin à la série de quêtes.





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